Statement of Intent



ALEFA is an informal network of contacts and a cooperative group in all aspects of tackling the proceeds of crime.



The aim of the ALEFA Network is to develop the quality and reach of forensic accountancy throughout law enforcement agencies so as to better assist the Courts, victims, witnesses, suspects, defendants and their legal representatives in relation to alleged fraud, fiscal, financial and serious organised crime.


Key Objectives

  • The establishment the ALEFA Network.  At present there are no structures or mechanisms through which forensic accountants in law enforcement can securely communicate methodologies and techniques.
  • The establishment of common methodologies and techniques in the field of forensic accounting in law enforcement.
  • To host the Annual Conference.  The Annual Conference will take recommendations from conference workshops and seminars to the European Commission and the European Council in the form of the post conference Reports in order to   influence future measures or policies
  • To develop common areas for training.  The project seeks to improve financial analysis leading to an improvement in the prevention and fight against modern criminal threats in the EU concerning public and private stakeholders
  • To set up and develop the ALEFA website.  Forensic accountants within law enforcement work in a diverse range of organisations throughout the EU and within their own jurisdictions.  The common access to a secure website will provide a platform through which effective communication of methodologies and techniques can be delivered. To develop a European wide ALEFA with chapters in each country and individual membership for forensic accountants employed in a law enforcement capacity